Patek Philippe 5524G different opinions

It is Patek Philippe, but it is not as we know before any piece of modern Patek Philippe. It was the main brand as a heterogeneous crowd, while a group has not yet begun to buy Patek Philippe new humanity as the Gospel. It is seen by some as a copycat of the pilots at Zenith and as a terminator of the pilots by others. It is liked, annoyed and disregarded by Patek Philippe fans. There is no dispute, Patek Philippe's 5524G is the most eye-catching and saliva of the 2015 Baselworld watches. This time, we selected the world's major watch media (website) views and comments, to show you a statement of contention. Patek Philippe 5524G-001 Patek Philippe 2015 pilot launched Baselworld watch 5524G About Design: "5524 was really shocked, that Longines incoming ... ..." - "Patek Philippe and Zenith gave birth to a child :)" - "Brother, you are too funny, I laugh now." - "LOL" - "But that does not mean I do not like it ..." - "Maybe they are relatives ..." "This is an extremely beautiful watch, the taste is indisputable! "I do not think anybody but six points that small-cap too, visually very disturbing?" "Hope to quickly see the kind, the picture does not look good does not mean that in fact bad, especially Patek Philippe will be, and the blue dial is now more and more popular. "This is an unexpected Patek Philippe, but it is amazing. See photos not fun, I can not wait to see it in kind! "Ah, this is not April 1 ah. Is not the original brand of the original design language please? I like it ... ... but the price ... ... Well, this is the PP. "When I opened the news this morning, my first reaction was" what a F ...? " ?? ?? And 5990, I think it's proportion and aesthetic problems, I am very confused. " "This is a joke? Looks like a U-boat thing ..." 5524G once again show the biggest characteristics of PP: Most of the picture does not look good, wrist will have exclaimed: I rely on, how so nice! It's not that PP should not be bold enough to innovate, but they do it in an out-of-context way, and I do not think it's innovation. " "It looks like something from Zenith ... I'd rather be like Zenith ... but it's from Patek Philippe." "Really? Attracting young buyers? It just seems to have replicated a few years ago Zenith." "This design is really drunk, absolutely reminiscent of Zenith (see below), compared to Zenith pilot design I prefer.But this is Patek Philippe, I think that although it is rotten design, but there are still Many people will buy, will continue to appreciate. " Zenith pilots "Lorenfeld's sporty new wind is much better than that." "This is Shinola (cheap brand)." "The design of the market turned to attracting the younger generation is one thing, but with similar plagiarism imitating the design against small brand competitors is another .I do not think 5524 itself is ugly, but Patek Philippe takes such a lazy design (Plagiarism) is boring. " About Size: - "No one thinks it 's a big problem - it looks like a real force, but it' s Patek Philippe, disappointed. - "No one noticed the size is too large, because we have been scared of the watch itself has no one concerned about the size of the. - "I think '38 mm is perfect 'kind of speech is ignorant." Swiss luxury goods industry than we know what the market is, perhaps this is Patek Philippe to do a larger size watch to show the modern way of life. - "Want a big watch? Buy a good ship." "PP finally I have not wearing a small watch." "Why does Patek Philippe seem to be dropping significantly? Tudor is doing little, Omega is doing small, Rolex returns to 40mm, Patek Philippe is getting bigger! No reason, I really do not think that age people will spend 50k to buy such a block watch. " If it's not that big and thick (11mm is not too thin), I'll be interested! " About Function: "I would like to say that this watch is perfect. Just like diving watchs and dressing watch, the pilot watch has its own style and market.Price is just trying to enter the PP market in this new Bale.Although I can not say from the design point of view 5524 is the pilot of the top works, but the design is very beautiful and very practical, in the PP which is a complex function watch, and pricing is also very reasonable to know the pilot watch is a certain design constraints, but the 5524G design great. Saying it was a very good pilot watch. " "This is a strange watch, not 'Patek Philippe-style' is not a time or calendar, and not a general sense of the GMT, not super-complex models, but with a pilot-style case fitted Patek Philippe movement, also used platinum I am very fond of it, but at this price, this is not a wise investment.People who have bought all the PP to buy a piece of it, because it is also very good to see. Function is good, but the price is too much for 50k. " "Unbelievable ... If I see them doing a dive watch someday I would be as shocked to see this cargo how I think of Zenith. Patek Philippe 5524G-001 Patek Philippe 5524G, case diameter 42 mm, equipped with 324 S C FUS self-winding movement About Price: "It 's great, but it' s too expensive.I 'm going to buy Zenith, and it looks almost the same as this one, and then I can feel I have Patek Philippe. I do not think a young man will spend 50k to buy it, might as well spend 15k to buy Audemars Piguet royal oak, I can say that it is not a good idea, Also worth it? " "Are the names of Patek Philippe worth between $ 45,000 and $ 50,000? Are those letters more expensive than the other $ 3,000 pilots? The brand of Patek Philippe is too valuable." "I'm young and I really appreciate the boldness of Patek Philippe this time and I think they are aware of the age of the customer and the market is growing younger, but like other people say, the price of 50k is not for me to do If you let me spend 50k to buy Patek Philippe, may I am willing to buy a little more brand style watches. - "Remove the 'Patek Philippe' name, this watch will be more suitable for your local cheap display cabinet. - "Yes, it seems that more and more top companies are doing the so - called cheap beauty. - "It 's a bit funny, but I like the way it is, and I'm sure I'll pay for it, I mean $ 3,000. "Young customers and 50k (USD) pricing seem contradictory and ridiculous. My point: Obviously PP is looking for a young millionaire, but with this budget, they can also buy other Patek Philippe.I think this is contradictory. " - "I understand Patek Philippe is trying to pursue young customers, and I do not complain, but for the 'young' customers, 50k price does not make much sense.If you do stainless steel instead of platinum, priced at 25k-30k, can." - "I understand what you mean, but do not think the 25k-30k dollars can have much difference." I do not think it 's easy to find a young customer who is willing to spend $ 50,000 to buy such a watch. - "This is for the 'young rich' products, strictly speaking, to find these young global millionaire is not too difficult, as pricing, I think 30k or 50k is not important. "I know that PP wants to find a young rich consumers, but if he is a fan, may have bought a nautilus, he may not need more sports and leisure Patek Philippe, but will go to the pursuit of more complex the best PP ... ... For a lifetime just want to buy a pricelist of ordinary people, from 20k to 50k but a huge difference ... ... To be honest, if only want a cheap Patek Philippe, buy mines like, Paul McCartney ... ... Ha Ha ha ... ... " - "I think it is deliberately so pricing, and 25-30k purpose is to form the watch in the price difference, the customer will naturally different! I initially thought that a reasonable pricing should be 20k, and then I thought, this is Patek Philippe, Timing, the two places, be complex functions, and perhaps should be expensive, but in any case, the pricing 50k or too much. "It 's funny, but Mrs. "50k of Patek Philippe have too many to choose from okay!" "It looks like Zenith pilots, but the price is five times the people. I think the PP must be careful, it may not sell ... ..." "I like it, even if it is never considered a 'classical PP', but I do not care, it's not 'traditional' Patek Philippe, but just looking at the photo is much stronger than any true force I've ever seen In fact, I do not think and Zenith how similar, the watch design of each element are very, very good workmanship, some people think that the dial on the Patek Philippe Logo so high pricing is self-deception. I think there is a PP brand premium , But this is never true. "Oh, there is the beauty of the day when the appearance of the United States but not the day when the US Patek Philippe looks to create cheap, it is not cheap." Patek Philippe 5524G-001 5524G-001 US price of about 50,000 US dollars, the fake watches domestic price of 347,300 yuan About Material: "I always thought to buy a Patek Philippe's 'stainless steel diving watch' is a daydream, and the future may still be; but to see 5524G, so I think maybe this day is coming .Anyway, this is a new, Very bold change. " "If Patek Philippe really intends to enter the sport, the tool market (now they are doing) I think we should do steel, 10-15k up to 20k of the main line fishes, and now this is too expensive. "Like Nautilus, there is nothing to stop the forward-looking design team PP produced a new great work, even if the older generation that they will cry, this involves or will attract the younger generation.This thing is absolutely praise you, If it is platinum will be better. " "Maybe I'm the fake rolex watches one who likes it a lot, though I still like the 5960 / 1A, the only thing I do not like is its platinum and price, and if it's stainless, it's better to be cheaper." "I do not like the new direction of the PP now, I do not care about 5524 is not their engraved, but the use of platinum material so high price is stupid today's 5270 can not be compared with the then 2499 or 5970. Master string sound? Top-of-the-line complex craft and ghost-like design ?! " Patek Philippe 5524G-001 This new pilot watch 5524G, using a white gold case About Brand: "I do not like people hate, but I want to swiss replica watches 5524G thumbs up.I am very happy Patek Philippe out of this adventure step.That will change and progress. "Too bad, I think this is a joke. Patek Philippe how do you? Look at Audemars Piguet Royal Oak off, it is the creation of a brand spirit. "History repeats ... ... a lot of Patek Philippe owner Tucao side of the mind while secretly remembered the year when the release of nautilus, there are so many people Tucao. "I do not like to watch PP anymore, because they are starting to sell Zenith now." "If you remove the Logo, will someone buy it?" "Determine this is the PP? Destroy the three concept it!" "They are selling brands right ?! They will sell them in the department store, you know they will say that this is what the young market ... ..." "Well, forgive my vulgarity, but what exactly is it? Personal opinion, this is a very fancy, inconsistent with other products PP." "This is the worst Patek Philippe I have seen in recent years, no one!" "I was just described as 'young guys', I am 30 years old. My collection so far has two PP, an AP of the Royal Oak. Even so, this watch is not my dish. The first time I saw the time that is an early April Fool's Day prank, in fact, a block of the Logo of the Nations. It does not have enough Patek Philippe DNA, at least not I used to see the PP; All the companies are saying to catch young people, but I think this is a misunderstanding of the younger generation. So far, I think the design for young people, nautilus when the two (5990A) is successful. " - "Tucao before you need to know two things: 1) Patek Philippe had done pilot chase pin watch, that antique watch auction price of 1,700,000 US dollars, this piece of 5524G can be called is based on the original prototype watch made engraved, although it does not seem to have a relationship; 2) How is it possible? The same company can make the same side of the same 5524 as a joke, while making the same as the great work of 5370, they are actually the same company launched at the same time? " - "Because the incumbent CEO can do whatever he wants, it's that simple." The 5370 is the pure essence. "5524G and last year 's 5175' master string sound 'as (absurd), Terry is really disappointing new president. "It's not easy to criticize him, but it's not easy for him to be in charge and develop such a business, and I want to say that PP is experimenting with new ways to attract young buyers, and some of us may Not happy, because this is not our cup of tea, especially the 5524, but only they know whether to hit new market targets. 1) They made a mistake, this is the nations or other brands in the past have committed mistakes. This is not a Patek Philippe. To see BMW or Mercedes-Benz customers, they clearly agree that the 'brand' need to have their own style. Brand should have a fixed value. 2) This is a two-way utility watch. Why is 18k? For a price tag of $ 50,000. 3) Speaking of price, this price has been able to buy a good Lange 1815 time. 4) Unless you set the 'young' target customers are confused (otherwise not sell). Speaking of 5175 master strings, I think that 5524 is different. 5175 is not for the mass market, so it is too luxuriant or high price is not important. They just want to do at that price a sufficiently complex watch to show their brand position. In addition to the Sten family's good friend, Patek Philippe does not need to sell 5175 to anyone, but also to one of the PP Museum. 5524 is not the same